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Eclectic, innovative and passionate are the commonly words that appear in the critics and in the trajectory of multifaceted artist Fernando Hashimoto. He began his professional activity in 1987 and consolidated a solid and uninterrupted artistic career in wide areas of the field of the arts, his trajectory involves projects in the area of ​​classical music as well as popular music. Fernando has performed in the orchestral world for 16 years as soloist timpanist of the Campinas Symphony Orchestra and as guest timpanist of several orchestras in Brazil and the USA. Throughout his career Fernando has acted as soloist and integrates several chamber ensembles as percussionist.

As a soloist Fernando has been recognized as a specialist in the Brazilian repertoire for percussion, having performed and recorded a vast repertoire of solo percussion works as well as concertos for percussion soloist with orchestra and chamber ensembles. He pursues in his portfolio more than 50 works dedicated, premiered or commissioned for him. His performances and masterclasses were realized in renowned artistic and educational centers in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Croatia, Japan,Sweden, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, England, Germany, Spain, Chile, Czech Republic, Italy, Colombia,France, Ireland, Finland, Peru, Slovenia, Turkey, Norway, Denmark and the United States where he had performed in 27 different states. After his debut in New York the critics considered his recital an "unforgettable and astonishing performance".

In the decades of 1980-90s, as drummer and popular percussionist, his performances was marked by the works in the record label Polygram where he recorded several LPs and accompanied several artists like sideman musician. Fernando has recorded soundtracks for theater, cinema, radio jingles and TV broadcast, such as the year-end commercials of TV Rede Globo. In the instrumental music has integrated several musical groups in important jazz festivals and venues, as well as in recordings. Among others, it is possible to mention the works alongside artists like Sandro Albert, Jorge Oscar, and Letieres Leite. As chamber musician Fernando has been performed with American soprano Monica Harte, as well as with the duo Nuance, and with contemporary ensembles CONtempo, and gccontemporaryensemble based in New York, and Valerius Ensemble in Amsterdam. Fernando has recorded CDs by several labels as Aliud Records (Netherlands), Galeão (Brazil), Cricket City Music & Media (USA), Solute Songs-BMI (USA), IPH Records (Brazil), Mellow Records (Italy), Eldorado (Brazil), Universal Music (Brazil), and Polygram (Brazil). Many of his artistic projects were awarded and were recipients of funding institutions as Petrobras Cultural, PROAC – Secretaria da Cultura do Governo do Estado de São Paulo, FICC – Campinas, MINC – Difusão Cultural, among others.

educational and research

Fernando holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in music from UNICAMP, and a Doctoral in percussion from The City University of New York as a Fellow of Fulbright/CAPES, and a degree in Livre-Docência from UNICAMP. He teaches in the undergraduate courses of Percussion, Rhythm Studies and Chamber Music in the Department of Music of UNICAMP, as well as teaches the disciplines of Research Methodology and Music of the 20th and 21st Century in the graduate program in music. He is leader of the research group CNPq: Brazilian Percussion: historical, interpretative study and his repertoire, located in the Percussion Laboratory of the Institute of Arts of UNICAMP. He was responsible for the opening of the first South American master and doctoral program in performance/percussion.

At UNICAMP Fernando has already been Head of the Music Department, Dean of the Arts Institute and nowadays he is the Vice Rector for Outreach and Culture of the UNICAMP. Fernando Hashimoto has been advisor of scientific initiations, doctorates and master's degrees, having received grants from research agencies such as FAPESP, CNPq and CAPES. In 1998, with a Brazilian Government Grant - FAPESP, he has completed an extensive research on Brazilian repertoire for percussion. He participated as advisor in graduate programs at UNCUYO in Argentina and Universidad Internacional de Valencia in Spain. Many of his former students are now working in important university and orchestra positions.

Presentations Fernando has done at the international percussion festivals of America and Europe including: the Percussive Arts Society International Convention PASIC 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2013; International Seminar in Marimba, Chile; I International Percussion Seminar, Brazil; First Festival Percusion Patagonia, Argentina; 10th International Percussion Festival of Puerto Rico; International Percussion Ensemble Week, Croatia; International Music Festival of Unicamp, Brazil; VI International Conference on Percussion, Spain; Days of Percussion, Sweden; Contemporary Music Festival, Chile; VII Eleazar de Carvalho Festival, Brazil; International Percussion Music Festival, USA; Sanata Fé International Percussion Festival, Argentina, VII International Percussion Congress of the Catholic University of Chile and so on. The scientific production of Fernando includes the publication of articles in periodicals and communications in congresses in Brazil and abroad. Among the journals are Percussive Notes - Journal of the Percussive Arts Society, International Journal of Music and Performing Arts, Revista Musica Hodie, Revista Ímpar, Revista Huellas, among others.

He founded and directs GRUPU - Percussion Group of UNICAMP since 1998. The ensemble has been extensively toured in Brazil and worldwide, including 2 tours in Europe and USA. The GRUPU has an expressive concert season that includes Brazilian repertoire and many premieres. His career is characterized by several multimedia works such as the Persephassa Project, with the work of the composer I. Xenakis alongside the Cia. Domínio Público of dance, as well as Jorge Garcia Dance Company, and the dance group Rede in the multimodal opera Descobertas, by the composer Jonatas Manzolli. GRUPU integrated the production Cartes Blanches under the direction of the choreographer Thierry De Mei. In 2004, GRUPU recorded their first CD entitled Configurações Contemporâneas by IPH Records.


Contributions to the community of Fernando Hashimoto can be gauged by his continuous acting as a reviewer, member of the examining board or ad-hoc consultant of various funding agencies, periodicals, congresses, public and artistic competitions, as well as in the promotion and organization of scientific and artistic events. Fernando has extensive experience in the community through social projects and in the music industry. His participation is constant in artistic contest juries and as a member of audition committees for different orchestras.

Fernando worked for many years in the international percussion society - Percussive Arts Society, where he acted as the Percussive Arts Society Brazil Chapter President (2000-2005), as Chair of the PAS International Committee (2008-2012) and member of PAS Board Director (2009- 2013) elected for two terms in a row. In recognition of his service and dedication for musical community, he was awarded the 2002 PAS Outstanding Chapter President Award, and 2007 PAS Outstanding Service Award. He also received the Honorable Mention in the Capes Thesis Award 2013 - CAPES (co-orientation) and in the same year the Award for Teaching Recognition for Dedication to Undergraduate Education - UNICAMP.

Fernando has promoted 8 International Percussion Festivals: Days of Percussion and Ritmos da Terra International Festival. Furthermore, he has promoted 3 annual Composition Contest for Percussion and the First South America Marimba Competition, and in 2017, the First Brazilian Percussion Congress - ICBP.

Fernando is coordinator of the project of the School of Music - Campinas City Hall / UNICAMP – Projeto Primeira Nota, which provides music lessons for 500 children of the public schools of the city of Campinas. Fernando Hashimoto is an artist sponsored by Zildjian Cymbals (USA), Adams (Netherlands) and Schagerl Drums (Austria).

selected repertoire


Eleazar de Carvalho, Variations on Two Rows for Percussion and Strings

Radamés Gnattali, Divertimento para Marimba e Orquestra de Cordas

Marlos Nobre, Concerto n.1 para Percussão e Orquestra +

Marlos Nobre, Concerto n.3 para Percussão e Orquestra

Osvaldo Lacerda, Concertino para Xilofone e Orquestra #

José Siqueira, Concerto para Tímpanos e Orquestra de Câmara #

Luciano Nazário, Concerto para Vibrafone e Orquestra *

Germano Fonseca, Intermitências – Variações Concertantes para Vibrafone e Orquestra *

Raul do Valle, Confluências – Concerto para Vibrafone e Orquestra de Cordas *

Ernst Mahle, Música Concertante para Tímpanos e Sopros #

Ernst Mahle, Concerto para Marimba e Orquestra

Edmundo Villani-Côrtes, Concerto para Vibrafone e Orquestra

Sérgio O. de Vasconcellos-Corrêa, Concerto para Percussão, Orquestra e Tape #

Mario Ficarelli, Concerto para Percussão e Orquestra #

Ney Rosauro, Concerto para Percussão e Orquestra

Ney Rosauro, Concerto para Tímpanos e Orquestra +

Ney Rosauro, Concerto para Vibrafone e Orquestra

Ney Rosauro, Concerto n.1 para Marimba e Orquestra

Emmanuel Séjourné, Concerto for Vibes and Orchestra



Marlos Nobre, Sonante

Roberto Victório, Chronos V

Edino Krieger, Variações Carnavalescas para Marimba

Flo Menezes, Quaderno

Hans Werner Henze, Five Scenes from the Snow Country +

Elliott Carter, Figment V +

Jacob Druckman, Reflections on the Nature of Water

Andrew Thomas, Merlin for marimba solo

Toshimitsu Tanaka, Two Movements

Joseph Schwantner, Velocities

Silvia DeLucca, Reflexos +

Raul do Valle, Timbaúba *

Sérgio O. Vasconcellos-Corrêa, Toccata

João Victor Bota, Labirinto *

Artur Rinaldi, Burst

Elliott Carter, Eight Pieces for Four Timpani

Franz Krieger, Timpani Etude n.45

Herman Rieken, Pauken Mei

Liduino Pitombeira, A Cidade Encantada

Carlos Stasi, Canção Simples de Tambor

Xenakis, Psappha

Xenakis, Rebonds

Milton Babbitt, Homily +

Javier Alvarez, Temazcal

John Cage, 27' 10.554" for a Percussionist

John Cage, cComposed Improvisation for Snare Drum

Alexandre Lunsqui, Íris

Philippe Manoury, Le Livre des Claviers IV

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Zyklus Nr. 9

David Lang, Anvil Chorus

Brian Ferneyhough, Bone Alphabet

Morton Feldman, The King of Denmark

Michael Gordon, XY

Helmut Lachenmann, Intérieur I

Eric Roth, Both Teams Played Hard +

Andy Akiho, Stop Speaking

Gilberto Mendes, Blirium C-9

Edson Zampronha, Modelagem X

Alexandre Lunsqui, Vertebrae

Milton Babbitt, Concerto Piccolino +

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Vibra-Elufa

Franco Donatoni, Omar

José Manuel López López, Cálculo Secreto

Edmund J. Campion, Losing Touch

Philippe Hurel, Loops II

Christopher Deane, Mourning Dove Sonnet

Ney Rosauro, Bem-vindo


* première

# first recording

+ Brazilian première

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